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Giles Spring 2015
Giles Spring 2015
LFW Spring 2015 – Giles
Kiriko Katazome Bandana.
Portrait of a woman, Detail. by Antoine Vestier
Okimono in the Form of a Raven
Myōchin Munesuke  (Japanese, Edo period, 1688–1735)
Date: early 18th century
Culture: Japanese
Medium: Steel
Dimensions: L. 18 in. (45.7 cm)
Metropolitan Museum of Art
A thimble full of saffron.
Rock art in the Cave of Swimmers at the Gilf Kebir plateau.
You came to me this morning
And you handled me like meat.
You´d have to live alone to know
How good that feels, how sweet.
My mirror twin, my next of kin,
I´d know you in my sleep.
And who but you would take me in
A thousand kisses deep?
- Leonard Cohen, A Thousand Kisses Deep 1998
Persian Kilim Print Duffle Coat
via m.time
Lauren Hill
Paul Peel - Repose.
Now I be breakin’ bread sippin Manichevitz wine
Pay no mind party like it’s 1999
But when it comes down to ground beef like Palestine
Say your rhymes, let’s see if that get you out your bind
Now I’m a get the mozzarella like a Rockerfeller
Still be in the church of Lalibela
Singing hymns a cappella
Whether posed in Maribella in Couture
Or collectin’ residuals from off the Score
I’m makin’ sure
I’m with the 144
I’ve been here before this ain’t a battle this is war

Lauren Hill, Final Hour

From the Miseducation of Lauren Hill